Tim Bluhm - Sorta Surviving VINYL

$ 24.99


- SIDE A -
1. Jesus Save A Singer (3:08)
2. No Way To Steer (3:11)
3. Jimmy West (3:44)
4. Where I Parked My Mind (3:28)
5. Raining Gravel (3:46)

- SIDE B -
1. Sorta Surviving (3:15)
2. Del Rio Dan (4:24)
3. I Still Miss Someone (3:15)
4. Squeaky Wheel (3:55) 
5. Kern River (3:05)

While Tim Bluhm may be best known for the breezy brand of West Coast roots and soul he helped pioneer with his band, The Mother Hips, his brilliant new solo album, Sorta Surviving, revels in his longtime love for classic country music. Recorded at the Cash Cabin with Dave Schools (Widespread Panic) in the producer’s chair, Bluhm puts some of his darkest memories and vivid dreams to pen and paper.