Ball-Point Birds (Tim Bluhm & Greg Loiacono) - Two Discover CD

$ 14.99

1. Danielle's Hands
2. New, New House
3. Filoli
4. Half As Bad
5. Cut Off the Hands
6. Hard Deal
7. Impatience/Change
8. Our Love is Waiting
9. Golden Poppy
10. My Heavenly Wish
11. Unless
12. An Extraordinary Meeting In the Winter Forest

Produced by Bluhm & Loiacono

Recorded by John Baccigaluppi at The Hangar, Sacramento, CA

"Unless" written by Lee Baggett.

Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monster Lab Audio

Photo by Tim Bluhm

Layout by Dave Schwartz for Fast Atmosphere

Little Sur Poncen Recordings - 2006