Ball-Point Birds (Tim Bluhm & Greg Loiacono) - (Limited Edition) CD

$ 14.99

Limited Edition Digi-pac packaging Full color insert with artwork by Tim Bluhm - limited quantities

The songs and calls on this recording are relatively simple, and many can be paraphrased with words or phrases, which are repeated at regular intervals. In between these phrases are verses that tell stories, remind us of people we know, and allow warmth into our feelings. Many of these songs can be imitated by a good whistler.

1. I Will Fear No Evil
2. Princess of Darkness
3. State Fair Letdown
4. What Is Love?
5. The Wall of Early Morning Light
6. This Could Be Your Night
7. Daisy & Joaquin
8. The Way I Feel
9. A Lesson for Later
10. Kira Lee
11. Later Days
12. I Can't Wait to See You Again
13. Thank You Lord

All songs ©2002 Little Sur Poncen Music and/or Poncen Music (ASCAP). Thanks to Dawn Holliday, Boz Scaggs, and Brian West. Special thanks to Ellie Grady and her preschool students for the lyrics to "What Is Love?"

Recorded and mixed by Michael Rodriguez at Meac Studio, San Francisco, CA. Mastered by Paul Stubblebine.

Paintings by Tim Bluhm. Lettering and design by Erik R. Bluhm. Album title respectfully borrowed from the book of the same name by Kyle Field.


Big Sur Poncen Recordings - 2002



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