PAPA MALI - Thunder Chicken CD

$ 12.99


1. All Right You Got It
2. Bon Ton Roulet
3. Man Of Many Words
4. Walk On Guilded Splinters
5. Im The One
6. La Bebida Por Su Vida
7. Keep Happy
8. Fleabite Junior The Third
9. If I Ever Get Right
10. Fire Water
11. Cottonfields And Bayous
12. Skeleton Bug
13. South Austin Lullaby

(plus bonus tracks on the CD-ROM part of the disc!)

This is an ENHANCED CD: In addition to containing an hour of this super dynamite Austin soul, the Thunder Chicken CD can also be placed in the CD-ROM drive of most computers for a multimedia "Enhanced CD" experience that includes bonus tracks and a 10 minute b-movie style video for Guilded Splinters. Note that despite packin' all this heat, Thunder Chicken is priced like a regular audio CD. 

Thunder Chicken was an ole-time brand of "extra strong wine" that played a certain role in bandleader Malcolm "Papa Mali" Welbourne's formative years in north Louisiana. Fueled by Malcolm's slide guitar chops and chunk-o-funk vocals, and fortified by legendary drummer Barry "Frosty" Smith's monster drumming, Papa Mali's new batch of Thunder Chicken is every bit as potent as the original - and nastier than a lard bucket full of armpits! Recording over just five days in the band's native Austin, Texas, this "band of bandleaders" concocted a rich gumbo with the unmistakable flavor of experience -- conjuring up memories of the past while still tasting like the future.

Lineup: Malcolm "Papa Mali" Welbourne (lead vocals and guitar), Barry "Frosty" Smith (drums & percussion), Courtney Audain (bass, udu, bones), Bevis Griffin (vocals), Claude McCan (keys), Paul "Buddha" Mills (percussion), and Tomas Ramirez (tenor sax)