Bill Frisell - Music Is CD

$ 20.00

1.  Pretty Stars
2.  Winslow Homer
3.  Change in the Air
4.  What Do You Want?
5.  Thankful
6.  Ron Carter
7.  Think About It
8.  In Line
9.  Rambler
10. The Pioneers
11. Monica Jane
12. Miss You
13. Go Happy Lucky
14. Kentucky Derby
15. Made to Shine

16. Rambler (Alternate Version)

Bill Frisell: electric & acoustic guitars, loops, bass, ukulele, music boxes

All compositions by Bill Frisell

Produced by Lee Townsend

Engineered by Tucker Martine at Flora Recording & Playback
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York, NY

Sony Masterworks / OKeh Records, 2018


"It’s an elegant solo guitar album full of his trademark looping and layering, with a strong spine of melody throughout.” - WBGO

“...Mr. Frisell and his semisweet, misty-eyed attack have modeled both experimentation and serenity in improvised music.” - The New York Times​

"Consisting entirely of his compositions, it’s a deeply personal statement and a marker of artistic evolution.” - WBGO

"Few tunes sum up his style better than “Rambler,” a lullaby-like early composition…” - The New York Times

"Music IS could be seen as the convergence of all his approaches in the solo format.” - WBGO

"The simple truth is: Frisell has always been the square peg in the round hole, reverent of the heart of everything he plays, yet able to blend a variety of stylistic touchstones into a unified whole, redolent of all but determined by none. More than many of his undeniably milestone recordings, the exceptional Music IS deserves consideration as both a career high point and a masterpiece of solo guitar. It's also proof that some artists can still, even forty years after their major label debut and with over 250 recorded appearances, release albums destined to become modern classics.” All About Jazz by John Kelman

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