The Mother Hips - Ultimate Setlist Show 2 - live at great american music hall 12/21/13

$ 9.99

For the second time, The Mother Hips asked fans to submit their ultimate setlists. Many were submitted which the band narrowed down to four. Fans then voted on their favorite of the four without knowing the results until the band hit the stage. This is the Ultimate Setlist Show 2! 

Two sets, twenty-eight songs, and over 170 minutes of music available exclusively here in MP3 or FLAC formats!

  1. Third Floor Story 
  2. Stoned Up The Road 
  3. Desert Song 
  4. Red Tandy 
  5. Harnessmaker’s Song 
  6. He’s Brave 
  7. x.mp3 Song In a Can 
  8. Freed From a Prison 
  9. Del Mar Station
  10. Two Young Queens
  11. Been Lost Once 
  12. Suburbian Child 
  13. x.mp3 Hey Emilie
  1. Esmerelda
  2. Singing Seems to Ease Me
  3. White Headphones
  4. The Lion & the Bull
  5. x.mp3 Transit Wind
  6. x.mp3 Picture of Him 
  7. Mountain Time
  8. Rich Little Girl
  9. Chum
  10. Two River Blues > The Other One > Two River Blues
  11. x.mp3 Lady Be Cool
  12. Can't Sleep at All > Deal > Can't Sleep At All
  13. Gold Plated
  14. Mr. Soul
  15. Mother Hips
Approx. running time: 170 mins

TIM BLUHM  guitar, vocals
GREG LOIACONO  guitar, vocals
SCOTT THUNES  bass, vocals

Recorded live at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA on December 21st, 2013.
Audience and Soundboard Recordings by John Chapman
Mixed and Mastered by David Dolger Schwartz
Front-of-House Engineer Charles Twilling
Photography by John Chapman
Design and Layout by David Dolger Schwartz for Fast Atmosphere