The Dead Kenny G's - Operation Long Leash CD

$ 15.00


1. Devil's Playground
2. Black Truman (Harry the Hottentot)
3. Melvin Jones
4. Black Budget
5. Black Death
6. Bucky Balls (Spherical Fullerene)
7. Luxury Problems
8. Black 5
9. Sweatbox
10. Jazz Millionaire 
Skerik - Tenor Saxophone, EFX, Rhodes 54, Moog, Micromoog and acoustic grand piano
Mike Dillon - Drums, Vibraphone, EFX, Tabla, Timbales, Percussion and Vocals
Brad Houser - Bass, EFX and Baritone saxophone

special guest Charlie Hunter guitar on 'Black Truman'

Produced By THE DEAD KENNY G's

Artwork and Design by Shawn Dos Santos
Recorded and Mixed by Randall Dunn
Recorded at Studio Litho
Assisted by Shaun Simmons
Mixed at Aleph Studio
Mastered by Mel Dettmer at Aleph Studio