Skerik - Left For Dead In Seattle CD

$ 15.00


10 years of Dead tracks recorded in Seattle

1. Black Bong
2. BMF
3. Colon Pile
4. Touch of Tenderness
5. Invisible Bowl
6. Et Tu Koko
7. Nightmare Before Circus
8. Psycho Circus
9/10. Must Be Santa
11. BMF Reprise

© Skerik Music 1993-2003

10 years of dead tracks recorded in Seattle featuring:
Reggie Watts: Key bass and vocals
Thaddeus Turner: Guitar, sequencing, talk box, keyboards Davis Martin: Drums TIm Young: Guitar Maurice Caldwell Jr.: Cover art, vocals, guitar Leif Totusek: Guitar Mike Stone: Drums Ron Weinstein: Hammond Organ
Baker: Bass
Radioactive: Vocals, Words, Science
Eyvind Kang: String arrangements, Viola, Violin Mario Butkovich: Guitars Micheal White: Violin and wah-wah pedal Mark Nichols: keyboards, samples, robot drums Tor Dietrichson: Percussion Mike Dillon: percussion Brad Mowen: Vocals Matt Chamberlain: Drums
Skerik: Saxophones, Vibes, Marimba, drums, keyboards, drum machine, effects, voice Davee C.: Drums Mell Dettmer: Editing, mixing, mastering, secret field recording