Ponga - The Remixes Digital Download

$ 9.99


1. Ponga - Silencio
2. Spacetime Continuum - Naugahide
3. Capsule 150 - Pimba
4. Even Schiller - Pimba (Fromunda Mix)
5. Stereo Vacuum - Pick Up the Pieces of Saturn
6. Amon Tobin - Pick Up the Pieces of Saturn
7. Element nS - Hidden Propulsion Unit
8. Firing Bullits - Liberace in Space
9. Fila_Brazillia - Naugahide
10. Master Cylinder - Naugahide
11. Ponga - Come As You Went

Wayne Horvitz (keyboards) 
Bobby Previte (drums) 
Skerik (sax) 
Dave Palmer (keyboards)

A Tingly Sensation Will Come Over You and You Gain a Conceptual Understanding of Circuitry and Cartography that Adheres to Your Complete Control. The Clear Lack of Design by Libra Design Offers 11 tracks Including Remixes by Amon Tobin, Fila Brazillia, Spacetime Continuum, + More for Your Analytical Pleasure + Egocentric Delight! Not to mention, a Fromunda Mix by Sadhappy Great--Even Schiller!! This Disc is a Sure Bet to Label you as the Freakest Geek On Your Block!


Release 04/06/99