Mother Hips "Red Tandy" CD EP

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After a 4 year hiatus, Mother Hips return with the Red Tandy EP, and it seems they're still at the top of their game. Co leaders Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono not only have great vocal harmonies, but excellent guitar interplay as well and though the band plays it loose, they know all the right classic rock moves. "Red Tandy" is pure guitar pop pleasure: catchy as all get-out with great harmonized vocals, killer backing vox and some ripping guitars. "Colonized" hits a bit harder...something like Neil Young jamming with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers while "Blue Tomorrow" adds a slight psychedelic touch. The EP closes with another version of "Red Tandy", which is such a great song you won't mind hearing it twice. This will only whet the appetite for their forthcoming full length. ~ Sean Westergaard, All Music Guide

1. Red Tandy
2. Colonized
3. Blue Tomorrow
4. Red Tandy (alternate version)

TIM BLUHM singer/guitarist

Red Tandy (#1) & Blue Tomorrow (#3)
Recorded by Paul Hoaglin in February, 2005 at Pyramid Audio Headquarters, San Pablo, CA, using Paul's 1" 8-track tape machine.
Paul mixed the tapes to 1/4" in June 2005 near San Francisco, CA.

Colonized (#2)
Recorded and mixed by Dylan Magierek in May/June 2005 at Closer Recording, San Francisco, CA.

Red Tandy (alternate version,#4)
Recorded by Dylan Magierek in May 2005 at Closer Recording, San Francisco, CA.
Mixed by Ben Kweller & Steven Mazur in August 2005 at Excello Recording, Brooklyn, NY.


(Camera Records 2005)