Mother Hips - Days of Sun and Grass Digital Download

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Commemorating 20 years of California Soul
The Mother Hips limited edition 4-CD box set entitled Days of Sun and Grass: Unreleased Outtakes, Demos, B-Sides and Live Cuts From Chico's Very Own 1990-2001.

The band and their archivist uncovered countless hours of tapes from the Mother Hips vaults to come up with the 4-plus hours of all unreleased music chronicling the first eleven years of the band's history and is arguably some of their best material ever released.

  • Complete Digital Download of entire 4 CD box set (57 tracks) 
  • 88-Page booklet (pdf) of vintage photos, posters and extensive liner notes and commentary on each track from the band and those involved with the recordings
  • Digital download of exclusive 8-track Bonus EP

(Approx. running time: 67 mins)

1. Sasha's Song 
2.  Mother Hips (outtake) 
3.  Good Day Basketball 
4.  Mountain Time 
5.  My Life as the Opposite Gender (home recording) 
6.  Highway (live) 
7.  Dark As A Dungeon (home recording) 
8.  Don't Go So Fast 
9.  The Reason Why 
10.  Ten Tiny Fingers 
11.  Whiskey On a Southbound (demo)
12. Embrace Me Love Of Death (soundtrack) 
13. Freedom (home recording excerpt) 
14.  Versus of Mark 
14.  I'm Not Sayin' (instrumental) 
15. Sister Lee (Dai Dum) (home recording) 
16.  Lonesome Satellite 
17.  "Precious Opal" Answering Machine (extended)
18. Picture of Him (home recording excerpt) 
19. Mary's Begging (home recording excerpt) 
20. Fifteen (live) 
21. Rock with the Rock (soundtrack) 
22.  Fumbling Parade (live)


(Approx. running time: 62 mins)

  1. Smoke ('Shootout' outtake) 
  2. Probe Explodes 
  3. Virginia Mountains 
  4. Transit Wind ('Part-Timer Goes Full' outtake)
  5. Know By Now (home recording)
  6. Stoned Up The Road (demo)
  7. The Message (live)
  8. Engagement Ring (demo)
  9. Suburbian Child
  10. Please Don't Worry 
  11. Danielle's Hands (Acid Mix)
  12. I'm Tired of Singing My Song In Las Vegas (live)
  13. Magazine (demo)

1997 - 2001
(Approx. running time: 60 mins)

  1. Song In a Can 
  2. Kansas City Southern 
  3. Tired Wings (demo)
  4. Sleepy Eyes 
  5. Incredible Man 
  6. Lady Be Cool 
  7. I Can't Stay 
  8. Gold Plated (demo)
  9. Somewhere In Your Mind (live)
  10. The Blimp of Freedom (instrumental)
  11. Third Floor Story
  12. The Doomsters 
  13. Such A Thing (demo)
  14. Tiera Deavers 
  15. Rich Little Girl 
  16. Why Not Your Baby
  17. Father Come Quickly (live)

1990 - 1996
(Approx. running time: 66 mins)

TIM BLUHM: vocals, guitar 
GREG LOIACONO: guitar, vocals

  1. KCSC - CHICO, CA 1990
    Interview + Acoustic Tracks:
    She's Got the Power 
    Johnny Too Bad 
    Out of the Rain
    Verses of Mark

  2. KRFD - SACRAMENTO, CA 12/28/93
    Interview + Acoustic Track:

  3. KRFD - SACRAMENTO, CA 2/9/94
    Interview + Acoustic Track:
    St. Andrew

  4. 92X KNRX - DENVER, CO 2/9/96
    Interview + Acoustic Tracks:
    Shootout On 22nd Avenue
    Verses of Mark

BONUS EP - Digital download of 8-track Bonus EP
  ** Included with each order!

  1. Potrero Road (demo)
  2. Love Don't Fade
  3. Collected Some Nerve (demo)
  4. The Frisky Biscuit
  5. Ring of Fire
  6. Trunk Box (demo)
  7. Emergency Exit (demo)
  8. Barefoot Sea Chantey




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