Critters Buggin - Live in Warsaw, Poland DVD

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Critters Buggin - get the clacker valve and old clobberd biscuits out and smack the grand ham clappers mother: live in warsaw, poland DVD

 CRITTERS BUGGIN LIVE IN WARSAW POLAND DVD!! Plus incomprehensible short films made in JAPAN by the perplexing WORD PUBLIC!! ROBOBONES threatens all studios with dynamic presence!! Sappy all family slideshows will put a blush on ya from 1993 to the present!!! Bruce Bickford gets gooey with clay animation video!! It's all here on the one and only CRITTERS BUGGIN DVD!! Full color digipak artwork with wounded teddy bear, yes those are real maggots baby!!!! Get it today!!!!!!!

Critters Buggin release LIVE DVD!! In 1999 Critters Buggin was asked to play the WARSAW SUMMER JAZZ DAYS, it was recorded by the national TV station, a high quality multi-camera shoot. The audio was recorded by our own Mell Dettmer, live to 2 track, using a mics/board matrix recording. The performance took place in THE PALACE OF CULTURE AND SCIENCE, a giant Stalin built building, with all the Soviet touches. The band had been touring a lot during this time, a great example of a Critters Buggin live show. The DVD also includes 2 bizarre 'intro films' made by 'WORD PUBLIC' for the band's Tokyo shows in 2004. The Bruce Bickford clay animation video of 'BROZO THE CLONE' is on the DVD, and a Balinese shadow puppet music video of 'PANANG' is there as well. ROBOBONES visits the studio, and there are multiple slideshows featuring the photographs of long time Critters photographers Bruce Tom and Nicholas Polimenakos, and Michael DiDonna. The DVD is packaged in a full color 4 panel digipak designed by Maurice Caldwell Jr. and Regan Hagar for extra conceptual power.

MIKE DILLON: percussion
BRAD HOUSER: bass, electronix
MATT CHAMBERLAIN: drums, electronics, percussion
SKERIK: saxophone, Rhodes piano 

Brozo the Clone Video (clay animation and direction by Bruce Bickford)
Panang Video, Tokyo Ad
Scan 1, Scan 2, Robobones

B. Tom (Bruce Tom photos), Didonna (Michael Didonna photos), a collection of photos from various photographers, N. Polimenakos (Nicholas Polimenakos Jr. photos) 

RUNNING TIME: Approx. 120 Minutes | REGION FREE