Son Volt - 26Live DOUBLE CD

$ 20.00


x.mp3  1. The 99
x.mp3  2. Lost Souls
x.mp3  3. Static
x.mp3  4. Sinking Down
x.mp3  5. The Picture
x.mp3  6. The Reason
x.mp3  7. Union
x.mp3  8. Waterloo
x.mp3  9. While Rome Burns
x.mp3  10. Cherokee St
x.mp3  11. Medication
x.mp3  12. Devil May Care
x.mp3  13. Reality Winner


x.mp3  1. Bandages & Scars
x.mp3  2. Driving the View
x.mp3  3. Caryatid Easy
x.mp3  4. Route
x.mp3  5. Drown
x.mp3  6. Afterglow 61
x.mp3  7. Tear Stained Eye
x.mp3  8. Windfall
x.mp3  9. Hearts and Minds
x.mp3  10. Buzz & Grind
x.mp3  11. Back Against the Wall
x.mp3  12. Monkey Man
x.mp3  13. Chickamauga


Recorded during Son Volt’s 2019 Union tour, these live songs include selections from Son Volt’s Trace, Straightaways, Wide Swing Tremolo, Okemah & the Melody of Riot, The Search, Honky Tonk, Notes of Blue, and Union; covers of tracks from Uncle Tupelo and The Rolling Stones; plus a couple of songs from Jay’s side project, Gob Iron.

Recorded and mixed by SF Norton
Art Direction, Design & Layout by David Dolger Schwartz
Photo courtesy of Lauren Massie Photography

Jay Farrar: vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica
Andrew Duplantis: bass, backing vocal
Chris Frame: electric guitar
Mark Patterson: drums
Mark Spencer: keyboard, lap steel, pedal steel, backing vocal
Gary Hunt: fiddle on Hearts and Minds

All songs by Jay Farrar © 2020 Grain Elevator Music (BMI) / BMG Rights Management (US) LLC.
Route, Drown, Tear Stained Eye, Windfall - by Jay Farrar © 1995 Grain Elevator Music (BMI) / Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
Caryatid Easy - by Jay Farrar © 1997 Grain Elevator Music (BMI) / Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
Driving the View - by Jay Farrar © 1998 Grain Elevator Music (BMI) / Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.
Monkey Man – by Keith Richards & Michael Phillip Jagger © 1969 Abkco Music Inc.
Chickamauga – by Jay Farrar © 1993 Feedhorn Songs (BMI) / Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.