The Mother Hips - Ultimate Setlist Show - live at cafe du nord 9/12/08

$ 9.99

Courtesy of Jambase "This Friday was the prime example of why it is a good time to be a Mother Hips fan. The first word went out on the Mother Hips message board The Grotto months ago. The post was titled "Ultimate Setlist Show." The idea was that fans build their dream setlist and submit it to The Mother Hips. The band would then pick a setlist at random and play it in its entirety. There were few criteria: the list could not be more than 36 songs, it needed to be two sets and the band had to have played all of the songs in the show at least once over its near two decade long history. There was no real publicity, but word spread from The Grotto like the tendrils of a grapevine. Those of us that needed to be at the Café du Nord that night would get there. Fans that spanned the band's full history gathered and discussed the impressive possibilities of this "ultimate" idea. No matter whose list was chosen, it would be an epic show."

- disc one - (total time: 62:31)
01. -introduction-
02. Two River Blues
03. Mountain Time
04. Showing It All to Bad Marie
05. Esmerelda
06. -craigís list-
07. Don't Go So Fast
08. Fumbling Parade
09. Poison Oak
10. Pull Us All Together
11. The Cosmonaut
12. Bent Carousel
- disc two -  (total time: 65:58)
13. Do It on the Strings
14. Catch a Freight
15. Hey Emilie
16. Are You Breathing?
17. Spotless As You
18. Been Lost Once
19. Pet Foot
20. Song in a Can

21. Stoned Up the Road
22. Later Days
23. $100 Blues
24. Transit Wind
25. Shootout
- disc three - (total time: 70:52)
26. Singing Seems To Ease Me
27. Hamburger Nancy
28. October Teen
29. Honey Dew
30. Stephanie's for L.A.
31. Barefoot Sea Chantey
32. Sarah Bellum
33. Third Floor Story
34. Desert Song
35. Rich Little Girl
36. Sleepy Eyes
37. Lady Be Cool
38. Superwinner

TIM BLUHM guitar, vocals
GREG LOIACONO guitar, vocals
PAUL HOAGLIN bass, vocals

Mixed live to two-track dat by Dave Schwartz & Ben Bernardy
Recorded/Mastered by Dave Schwartz for Fast Atmosphere
Cover Photos: John Chapman
Tray Photos: Andrew Quist
Ceiling Photo: Morgan Corviday
Graphic Design/Layout by Fast Atmosphere

Tim Bluhm's guitar can be heard in the left channel and Greg Loiacono's guitar can be heard in the right channel.