Bill Frisell Live In Boulder, CO 11/05/03

$ 10.99

Live Download Series #006
Release Date: July 9th, 2009


x.mp3 Listen
x.mp3 Eli
x.mp3 Perritos
x.mp3 Procissao
x.mp3 We Are Everywhere


Bill Frisell - electric & acoustic guitar
Greg Leisz - pedal steel
Jenny Scheinman - violin
Christos Govetas - oud, vocals, bouzouki
Sidiki Camara - percussion, vocals
Vinicius Cantuaria - acoustic guitar, vocals


01. Boubacar
02. Listen
03. Magic
04. Eli
05. Yala
06. Perritos
07. The Young Monk
08. Ligia
09. Djembe solo
10. Improvisation #1
11. Good Old People
12. Baba Drama
13. Procissao
14. I Heard It Through the Grapevine

Bonus Track:

15. We Are Everywhere
(recorded live at the Hong Kong Cultural Center, City Hall 10/24/03)

total running time: 1:58:44

All songs written by Bill Frisell except: Baba Drama  by Boubacar Traore; Procissao by Gilberto Gil; The Young Monk - traditional; Yala by Christos Govetas; Perritos by Vinicius Cantuaria; Ligia by Antonio Carlos Jobim; I Heard It Through The Grapevine by B.Strong/N.Whitffiield

Recorded by Claudia Engelhart at The Boulder Theater in Boulder, CO
Frisell Archivist: Martin Lane
Produced by Adam Blomberg


All About Jazz
January 26, 2011
By John Kelman

Amidst all the Americana music, Frisell has made clear that his folkloric interests extend far beyond the lower 48 states. His aptly named The Intercontinentals (Nonesuch, 2003) brings together musicians from around the globe with friends Scheinman and Liesz joined by Malian percussionist Sidiki Camara, Brazilian guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Vinicius Cantuaria, and Greek Macedonian oudist Christos Govetas. Live Download Series #006 is one of the few shows in the series taken from a tour in specific support of a record, with the identical personnel. It's also a rarity in that most of the set list is actually culled from the album, with 11 of The Intercontinentals' 14 tracks represented in this two-disc, 15-song, two-hour download, though in every case but the relatively structured miniature, "The Young Monk," the sextet stretches the material beyond the studio versions' confines.

The interaction of strings and percussion makes for a particularly appealing sound on the vamp- based, roots-driven "Boubacar," while vocal tracks such as Cantuaria's elegant "Perritos" bring a new complexion to Frisell's overall oeuvre. But the most revealing track is the old Smokey Robinson and the Miracles hit, "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" by this time a staple in the repertoire of Frisell's trio with Scherr and Wollesen. There may be no funky bass or backbeat-driven drum set, but as The Intercontinentals does on its more world-centric material, so, too, does it work a groove here in the pocket, and proving that the term "world music" is really a misleading catch-all phrase. In Frisell's world, all music, in the final analysis, is world music.  - John Kelman - All About Jazz

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