The Dead Kenny G's - Bewildered Herd CD

$ 15.00


1. Birther Blues 
2. I'm Your Manager, I'm Your Pimp 
3. Death Panel 
4. Bewildered Herd
5. Black Goldman Sax
6. Yeah, Cat....
7. Jake Brakin'
8. Purgatory
9. Hairy Bulgaria
10. Byater Bhangra (improv #1) 
11. Shantiniketan (improv #2) 

Skerik - Tenor Saxophone, Boxxx, Rhodes electric piano, Micromoog synthesizer, efx. 
Mike Dillon - Drums, Vibraphone, percussion, Tabla 
Brad Houser - Bass, Baritone saxophone

Produced By THE DEAD KENNY G's

'Horns' photo by Samantha Mckinney
'DKGs Skull and lettering by Sei Rey Ho
'Live photo' by Shannon Huber
'Drawing' by Koko Raimondi-Walton
CD layout by Regan Hagar
Recorded live to 24 track 2 inch tape by Shawn Simmons at studio LITHO
Mixed by Shawn Simmons at studio LITHO
Mastered by Mel Dettmer at Aleph Studio