Skerik - Psychochromatic CD

$ 15.00


1. Adoption
2. Elemental
3. Koko Ruth
4. Bari White
5. Spiritual
6. West Seattle Massacre
7. E.M. Peon
8. Skycrutch
9. Beneath the Planet

Release 04/17/01

Recorded at Aleph Studio by Randall Dunn & Mel Dettmer.

Skerik Goes Solo and Lets his Mind Shine and Spill All Over the Floor. This Disc is Filled with Madness & Beauty--Psychedelica and Peanut Butter! Track 5 Features Craig Flory on Flute, Bass Clarinet, and Saxaphones. If You're a Skerik Fan, You Instantly Turn Happy--Digital ZEN!: Psychochromatic is a Top-Level Headphone Experience.