Ponga (Self-Titled) Digital Download

$ 9.99

1. Pimba
2. Pick Up the Pieces of Saturn
3. Naugahide
4. Blow Torch
5. Awesome Wells
6. Ponga Amore
7. Liberace in Space
8. Bookin

Wayne Horvitz (keyboards) 
Bobby Previte (drums) 
Skerik (sax) 
Dave Palmer (keyboards)

Ponga's 1st Release on Stone Gossard's (belly up) Loosegroove Label--The Music You've Always Wanted to Hear but Were Afraid to Listen. Serving the Swami Late Plate of 100 % Pure Improvistational Sounds, Skerik, Dave Palmer, Wayne Horvitz, + Bobby "order up, ding" Previte Align + Deliver Everything You Need to Enchance Your Auditory System! Whether You're Grand Pappy Likes It or Not, The Solution to the Square Root of Jazz times Pi Equals Ponga--Equals NOW!


Release 04/06/99