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(©1996 Loosegroove Records)


x.mp3 1. Mt. Blasta
x.mp3 2. Mullet Cut
x.mp3 3. Crowley Dissertation
x.mp3 4. Bill Gates
x.mp3 5. Red Eyed Wonder
6. I Ain't No Adobe Hut
7. Bubble Boy
8. Sheets
9. Manhog's Day in the Park
10. BH Goes to a Freak
11. Sex Doily
12. Sex Doily II
13. Nahmani
14. (hidden track)

Written by M. Chamberlain, B. House, B. Rabozo
* Co-written with T. Young
** Co-written with J. Bush
All Songs Published By: Chunky Nuggets (ASCAP), Enlightened Kitty (ASCAP), SKerik Music (emi), except "Sheets" & "Sex Doily" published by Chunky Nuggest (ASCAP), Enlightened Kitty (ASCAP), Skerik Music (emi), Strange Mind Music (ASCAP)
"Bubble Boy" published by Chunky Nuggets (ASCAP), Enlightened Kitty (ASCAP), Skerik Music (emi), Izlby Kerkulay (emi)

Matt Chamberlain - Drum Set, Tros Drums, Tabla, Idiot Guitar, Lap SLide, Loops, Screaming, Percussion
Brad Houser - Basses, Bass Clarinet, Screaming
Bubba Rabozo - Dual Mute Mollusks, Ass and Nipple Chops, Sax, Piano, Rhodes, Guitar

Doug Stringer plays Djembe on "B.H. Goes to a Freak"
Tim Young is "Bubble Boy"
Doc Briton is the voice of Francis E. Deck on "Bill Gates"

Produced by Eric Rosse

Engineered by: Brett Eliason 
Second Engineer: Sam Hostedt

Recorded December 18-20 @ Bad Animals, and December 21-23 Live @ the OK Hotel, Seattle, WA
Mixed by Eric Rosse in Taos, NM
Mastered by Bob Ludwig @ Gateway Mastering
Artwork: Maurice Caldwell
Band Photos: Lance Mercer
Production Design: Gillian Wong
Design Production Band Aid: Suzy @ Slab Studio
Management: Cory Wynne
Publishing: Brad Houser, Enlightened Kitty Music (ASCAP), Matt Chamberlain, Chunky Nuggets (ASCAP), Skerik - Skerik Music (BMI)Release 09/08/98 
Rating **** of course! 
Catalog LG Host cassette