Critters Buggin - Amoeba CD

$ 15.00

Recorded at Matt Chamberlain's Studio "The Craft" and Produced by Critters Buggin, This Gem Calls out to Nasa and Puget Sound Energy. An Ambient Recording that Gears for the Soul to Turn the Lights Down Way Low and Spoon Up to the Heavens. The Disc Breaks Tradition & Sparks New Neurological Pathways of Mind, Body, & Reality! Amoeba Swallows your Setting and Gels to Space Baby! 

1. Space Muffla
2. Sonic Broom
3. Slow and Bulbous
4. Taint
5. Imperial Turkey Blister
6. Emperor Chi Chi
7. D Lab II
8. Hairy Partched
9. Beaver Builds a Dam

Released 10/19/99

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