Tim and Nicki Bluhm - 'Duets' Digital Download

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1. Think About The Two Of Us (4:15)
2. Unforgetaboutable  (3:24)
3. Running Wild  (2:02)
4. Stick With Me  (3:11)
5. Reno, Nevada  (2:34)
6. Hell Is The Highway  (2:55)
7. Rose   (2:33)
8. Always Come Back  (2:50)

Produced by Dan Prothero

Recorded at Mission Bells Studio, San Francisco CA / August 2011
Cover Photo by Andrew Quist / Album Design by Steve Adams

All songs written by Tim & Nicki Bluhm (Little Sur, ASCAP) except "Rose", "Always Come Back" and "Hell is the Highway" by Tim Bluhm (Little Sur, ASCAP), "Running Wild" by R. Edenton, D. Winters (SONY/ATV Acuff Rose Music, BMI) and "Reno, Nevada" by Richard Farina (Warner Bros. Inc., ASCAP).