Into the Infrasounds CD

$ 10.00

1. Goliath 05:03
2. $2.50 (free) 03:14
3. Simon's Song 04:57
4. I'm Done 05:10
5. Ageless feat. Karl Denson 06:23
6. Low Blow 04:12
7. Grappa 04:55
8. Agamemnon 04:22
9. Filth Flarn Filth feat. Karl Denson 07:29
10. Can't Leave It Alone 04:44
11. Rotten Ribs 03:40
12. Loose Nukes feat. Karl Denson (free)03:42
13. Nunu 04:03

Music written by: Alex Baky, Austin Bohlman, Colin Brown, Ian McDonald, Myles O'Mahoney and Ryan Scott. 
Lyrics written by: Marcus Scott. 
All songs (c) 2010 Definitive Fidelity (SESAC). 

Produced by: Monophonics and Andrew Freid 

Recorded and Mixed by: Andrew Freid at The Plant Studios, Sausalito, CA 

Second Engineers: Bryan Bailey, Nathan Fritz, Varun Kejriwal, Sean Lennon, Daniel Morales, Maegan Muckleroy, Anthony Petty, Nolan Sipe, Shaun Wilson. 

Mastered by: Andy VanDette at Masterdisk 

Special Guests: 
Karl Denson: Saxophone/Flute 
"Ageless," "Filth Flarn Filth," "Loose Nukes" 

Mic Gillette: Trombone 
"Grappa," "Rotten Ribs" 

Jonathan Korty: Harmonica 
"Can't Leave It Alone" 

Hugh Schick: Trumpet 

Marcus Scott: Vocals 
"I'm Done," "Can't Leave It Alone" 

Charlie Wilson: Trombone 
"Goliath," "Simon's Song," "I'm Done," "Agamemnon"


released 25 September 2010