IN A HOLIDAY GROOVE with Robert Walter and his Bumpin Beats CD

$ 12.99


1. Santa Baby
2. Silver Bells
3. Winter Wonderland
4. Jingle Bells
5. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
6. The Christmas Song
7. The Dreidel Song
8. Jingle Bell Rock
9. Little Drummer Boy
10. Silent Night

Tis the season - and we've spiked your eggnog with a handful of vintage Hammond organ, some crunchy beats, and a spicy dash of our secret stash. Keyboard wizard Robert Walter is your saucy chef, and he's stirring up a family affair with multidenominational flair... so pour yourself an extra-generous portion, put on your dancing shoes, and do the camel walk into the new year!

Combine one of our generation's grooviest keyboard players with the Fog City taste for strong grooves and round sounds, and you've got ROBERT WALTER AND HIS BUMPIN BEATS. A little nostalgia, a touch of slapstick, and a whole lotta soul... A few cocktails later, and it's a holiday groove!

From the hard (sleigh)driving WINTER WONDERLAND (cut to a "Popcorn" groove) to the only version of THE DREIDEL SONG that will ever get you toprocking, everyone's got an excuse to bust a move. A cultural train wreck? Or an instant wintertime classic for our generation?? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

Recorded in FUTURISTIC RETROSONIC SOUND by Dan Prothero.