Charlie Hunter Trio - Friends Seen & Unseen CD

$ 15.00

Track Listing:
  1. One For The Kelpers
  2. Freedom Tickler
  3. Lulu's Crawl
  4. Darkly
  5. Soweto's Where It's At
  6. Running In Fear From Imaginary Assailants
  7. Eleven Bars For Ghandhi
  8. Bonus Round
  9. My Son The Hurricane
  10. Moore's Alphabet
  Charlie Hunter - 8-string guitar
John Ellis - Saxophones
Derrek Phillips - Percussion


Charlie follows up his critically acclaimed Ropeadope releases ‘Right Now Move’ (2003) and ‘Come In Red Dog, This Is Tango Leader) (2004 – With Bobby Previte) with his first trio record in 10 years - friends seen and unseen. Charlie says, "This is the best record I've ever made". Ropeadope says "Charlie's right!".

Produced by Lee Townsend (Kelly Joe Phelps, Elvis Costello, Pat Metheny) Friends Seen And Unseen sees Charlie team up with John Ellis and Derek Phillips to deliver his strongest set yet, which is sure to give him his US 10th consecutive #1 contemporary jazz record.

Ropeadope Records (2004)