Charlie Hunter - Steady Groovin' CD

$ 15.00

  1. Run For It
  2. Rhythm Music Rides Again
  3. Greasy Granny
  4. Mean Streak
  5. Nothin' But Trouble
  6. Lively Up Yourself
  7. The Shango Pt. III
  8. Enter the Dragon
  9. Two for Bleu
  10. The Spin Seekers
  11. Ashby Man
  12. Fistful of Haggis

A retrospective of funky classics recorded by Hunter during his 10 year tenure with Blue Note and features special guests ranging from Mos Def to Stefon Harris and Leon Parker.

Release Date: March 29, 2005


Bursting on the scene out of the bay area in the early 1990s armed with an 8-string guitar and the backing of the legendary musical pranksters Primus, Charlie Hunter has reigned as the west coast ambassador of groove for over a decade. On his self-designed instrument which includes a combination of bass and guitar strings Hunter developed a musical style akim to a walking b-3 organ player, simulateously puming out funky bass lines along with intricate guitar passages. This incredible technique along with his slavishness to the groove won Charlie an enormous following among younger listeners before the term Jam Band was uttered and his inherent hipness attracted jazz, hip hop, soul fans alike.


Blue Note Records (2005)