Will Bernard - 'Outdoor Living' CD

$ 15.00

1. Nature Walk 5:37
2. Morgan Deux 5:00
3. Nooksack 5:46
4. 6B 4:57
5. Roaming Charges 7:05
6. Point Blank 3:40
7. Squeaky Chug Chug 7:06
8. Katskan 7:25
9. Implitude 3:34

WIL BLADES Organ [Hammond B3]

Recorded, Mixed By Bond Bergland
Mastered By Vin Cin
Cover Photography By Michael Weintraub


Following his two releases on Palmetto (including Grammy Nominated Party Hats), Outdoor Living is Will Bernard’s 6th outing as a leader. Capturing the raw feeling of his trio featuring Will on guitar and long time associates Wil Blades on Organ and Simon Lott on drums, Outdoor Living covers ground from old school funk and rock to modern jazz and electronic textures. The flexibility of this trio makes them ideally suited for the concert hall, jazz club, or the funk dance club.

The songs on Outdoor Living touch on a wide variety of styles while maintaining the groove. The opening song Nature Walk has a careening happy go lucky second line feel. Morgan Deux is old school MG’s twang, Nooksack reaches into the dirty grunge of Neil Young with a grinding slow groove, 6B is pure sonic dub funk, Roaming Charges delves into Larry Young territory, Point Blank is a cinematic exploration, Squeaky Chug Chug is pure soul, Katskan opens up and Implitude kicks out the jams.

Bernard pulls inspiration from his vast experience of collaboration including recent projects with the likes of Stanton Moore and John Medeski. In 2011 Bernard joined Tom Waits on his critically acclaimed album (Bad As Me) alongside Marc Ribot, Flea and Keith Richards.

(Dreck to Disk 2012)