Sean Hayes - Run Wolves Run DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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1. When We Fall In
2. Open Up a Window
3. Garden
4. Powerful Stuff
5. So Down
6. Gunnin
7. Shake Your Body
8. Me & My Girl
9. One Day the River
10. Soul Shaker
11. Stella seed


Sean Hayes - acoustic, electric guitar & voice
Andrew Borger - drums & percussion
Devin Hoff - upright bass
Rob Reich - accordian

Brazilian Drums on "One Day By The River" By
Sean Corkery - 1st surdo
Chris Thomas - 2nd surdo, shaker
Zoi Hall - 3rd surdo
Serina Koester - 4th surdo
Roberta Blake - snare
Marco Peris - snare

Recorded by Scott McDowell at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, CA
Except "Open Up a Window" Mixed by Oz Fritz at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco, CA
"Brazilian Drums" for "One Day At the River" Recorded by Roberta Blake and Andrew Vahey
Mixed by Monte Vallier at Function 8, San Francisco
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA
Drum Head Photo by Quinn Wharton
Back Cover Photo by Claude Shade