Joseph Arthur - Redemption City (Parts 1 & 2) DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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       - PART I -
x.mp3 01. Travel As Equals
x.mp3 02. Wasted Days
x.mp3 03. Mother of Exiles
x.mp3 04. Yer Only Job
x.mp3 05. I Miss the Zoo
x.mp3 06. There With Me
x.mp3 07. No Surrender Comes For Free
x.mp3 08. Night Clothes
x.mp3 09. Redemption City
x.mp3 10. Barriers
x.mp3 11. You’re Not The Only One
x.mp3 12. So Far From Free

       - PART II -
x.mp3 01. Surrender To The Storm
x.mp3 02. Fractures
x.mp3 03. Free Freedom
x.mp3 04. Touched
x.mp3 05. Follow
x.mp3 06. Kandinski
x.mp3 07. Humanity Fade
x.mp3 08. Sleepless
x.mp3 09. It Takes A Lot of Time To Live In The Moment
x.mp3 10. Visit us
x.mp3 11. I Am The Mississippi
x.mp3 12. Travel As Equals (Reprise)

Recorded, produced, performed and mixed by Joseph Arthur
Recorded and mixed at Rebel Country, Brooklyn, NY
Additional mixing and engineering by Merritt Jacob
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian

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