Critters Buggin - Guest CD (Reissue)

$ 7.00


x.mp3 1. Shag
x.mp3 2. Kickstand Hog
x.mp3 3. Critters Theme
x.mp3 4. T-SKI
x.mp3 5. 5/4 f.t.d.
6. Fretless Nostril
7. Double Pot Roast Backpack
8. Naked Truth
9. Los Lobos

Originally released in 1994 and out of print for years, we bring you the one that started it all... the first Critters Buggin record with new artwork and digi-pac packaging.

The First Release from Critters Buggin. Produced by Stone Gossard. This Break Thru Album Influenced Many Professional Musicians and Put the Live Groove Back to Seattle Where It Always Belonged.

John Bush - Percussion, Loops
Matt Chamberlain - Drums, Backflips, Waffles
Brad Houser - Bass, Bass Clarinet
Nalgas Sin Carne - Saxitar, Organ Sound, Guitar

Dave Palmer - Keyboards on "Double Pot Roast Backpack"
Shawn Smith - Vocals on "Naked Truth"
Sophia - Talk on "Naked Truth"
Bruce Calder - Static Engineer

All songs written, arranged and performed by Critters Buggin.
"Critters Theme," "5/4 f.t.d." and "Los Lobos" written by Critters and Dennis Herring.
"Shag" written by Critters and Prophet Omeaga.
"Double Pot Roast Backpack" written by Critters and Dave Palmer.
"Naked Truth" written by Matt Chamberlain and Shawn Smith.

Produced by Dennis Herring, Stone Gossard and Critters Buggin.
Engineered by Chris Fuhrman.
Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab.

Artwork by Bruce Tom and Maurice Caldwell.
Collage photos by Dan and Mae Hitchcock and assembled by Matt Chamberlain and Bruce Tom.
Peacock Photo by Leticia Tom.
Front Cover Photo by Benham Studio.
Arabic Calligraphy by Bill Scott

Released 11/15/94