Critters Buggin - Host CASSETTE

$ 6.00

New Cassettes were Found in the Last Remaining Loosegroove Warehouse, Whereas All other Product has been Missing or Out of Print, a Discovery of Monumental Proportions has been Unearthed: Critters Buggin GUEST Cassettes and HOST cassettes!!!!!!!!! Both these Babys have Full Color Original Artwork, Super High Quality Audio, and Were Paid for in Full by Mr.Sony Himself!!!! The HOST Cassette even has RED Cassette Shells!!!!!!!! They are Shrink Wrapped and Ready for Sale for only $6.00!!!! Remember How You Felt when Good Shit #1 Went Out of Print? Well Don't Let that Happen again! Order these Collectors Items Now!!!!!!!!!!!


x.mp3 1. Mt. Blasta
x.mp3 2. Mullet Cut
x.mp3 3. Crowley Dissertation
x.mp3 4. Bill Gates
x.mp3 5. Red Eyed Wonder
6. I Ain't No Adobe Hut
7. Bubble Boy
8. Sheets
9. Manhog's Day in the Park
10. BH Goes to a Freak
11. Sex Doily
12. Sex Doily II
13. Nahmani

Release 09/08/98 
Rating **** of course! 
Catalog LG Host cassette